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David and Martha Hessler Illuminate the Light of Faith, Hope and Love

Posted by Linda Spencer on Mon, Oct 22, 2018

David & Martha Hessler with David DombrowiakThe Legacy Society Dinner was a tribute to Community West Foundation’s most treasured
donors and it was a magnificent and memorable evening.

The Foundation’s highest honor, the Art of Caring Award, was presented to David and Martha
Hessler, who continue to exhibit exemplary leadership qualities fit for legends!

There are three words that define the Hesslers both as individuals and as a couple - faith, hope
and love. Their lives have a beautiful direction and purpose as God’s grace has made them
instruments of His love.

Examples of their generous spirit and support are easy to find. The list of the Hesslers’ civic and
philanthropic leadership roles is as prestigious as it is long. The couple’s public and private
generosity support a staggering number of causes.

The award presented to the Hesslers was a commissioned print of the original sketch for the
Homeless Jesus statue, created by Timothy Schmaltz, a noted Canadian Sculptor. Timothy
focuses on religious figures based upon the Gospel of Matthew 25, and the Homeless Jesus
sculpture that he created was in reaction to the many homeless living on the streets. Installments
of his inspiring work have brought his visual message across the globe and especially in Rome at
the Vatican.

The Art of Caring Award was presented by David Dombrowiak, President and CEO
of Community West Foundation, who said, “The award is in homage to David and Martha
because we see the light of Christ radiantly shining through them.” To further honor the
Hesslers, Community West Foundation created the David and Martha Hessler Illuminating Hope
Award, a version of the Homeless Jesus. This symbolic award will be presented at the
Foundation’s annual Corporation Meeting, to one of our local nonprofit organizations that is
indeed Illuminating Hope in our community. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the
achievements and positive impact of the people and organizations in our community.

The Hesslers have endeared themselves to the entire community by opening their lives to the gift
of His magnanimous grace and are generous in sharing it with others. The best way we can honor
the Hesslers is to use our own talents, great and small to spread kindness, generosity and
goodwill as this couple has graciously extended to so many.

In celebrating David and Martha, a highlight of the evening was a video tribute that offers a
unique insight into our honorees. To view this moving portrait of an exceptional couple click here.