Supporting Local Nonprofit Organizations

The Colleague Program provides local nonprofit organizations with outright and planned giving resources for gifts they might not otherwise be able to obtain, and offers a special co-operative advertising program to increase awareness of services. Not all charitable organizations have the staff or resources to raise needed funds. Furthermore, some planned gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities, require an annual tax return to be filed. Setting up a planned gift usually incurs fees and expenses, such as attorney fees for document review and preparation, and this can be a hardship to a smaller charitable organization. The Community West Foundation can help. Our belief is that if we help a charitable organization in our community obtain a gift we have also taken a step toward accomplishing our mission.

What We Will Do

  • Meet with you and your potential donor to help design a gift to fit their needs.
  • Create sample gift illustrations to provide you with an accurate picture of the financial and philanthropic impact of the gift.
  • Manage the administrative work surrounding the gift.
  • Effectively handle the transfer of appreciated securities, real estate, etc.
  • Work with you in drafting documents, provide you with sample trust agreement and draft bequest language that meets the specific needs of your organization and your donor.

Because of the complexity of planned gifts from annuities to charitable remainder unitrusts to donations of real estate, the fee schedule for assistance with gift planning and administration will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

What You Will Do

  • Establish a gift planning program, which has been approved by your Board of Directors, to accept outright and planned gifts.
  • Create a gift acceptance policy and procedures manual for accepting gifts for your organization.

Colleague Program Media Release Form
Click here for Colleague Media Release Form in Adobe pdf format
Interested in becoming our colleague? For more information, please contact the Foundation Office at (440) 360-7370.