Caring for the Uninsured

North Coast Health MinistryNorth Coast Health Ministry is a tremendous resource to our growing population of uninsured residents that desperately need assistance but can’t afford it. Most of the patients helped by the ministry are hardworking, low-income individuals and families without insurance benefits who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

The ministry has a well-established network of collaborations and partnerships including Fairview and Lakewood Hospital and St. John’s Medical Center, which generously donate their medical services. Pharmaceutical assistance from Astra-Zeneca helps patients obtain free or low cost medicine.

Community West Foundation has been a major supporter of North Coast Health Ministry since 2006, and this past year we provided a $100,000 grant for medical care services. The number of uninsured coming to the clinic is increasing and in 2012, the ministry provided care to 2,271 patients.