Collaborative Congregations

Taking care of underprivileged neighbors has been a collaborative effort of the outreach programs at St. Paul's Community Church, Denison Avenue UCC and St. Colman. These local ministries are truly performing God’s work.

Community West Foundation provided grant funding to help our faith community continue their good works in the neighborhood, including emergency food assistance, help with rent, utilities, prescription co-pays, bus tickets, and much more. They have become centers for children to gather after school, for seniors and the homeless to meet during the day, and a source of constant support against life’s struggles.

The inspirational motto at St. Colman’s Church is, “We always open our door.” This motto can be applied to all of the churches listed here – they always open their doors to anyone in need - the mentally ill, the homeless, even people like you and me that may need assistance from time to time.