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The Employee Care Fund has really made a difference in the lives of Fairview and Lutheran Hospitals employees and their families. Over the past 5 years we have helped 150 employees, with a total of over $100,000 distributed from the fund. The money was used to prevent employees from being evicted from their home, or having their utilities shut-off. It also helped to pay for basic items such as food and clothing for families in desperate need.

Contributions of any size are gratefully accepted. No gift is too small. You can choose to give a lump sum or donate 8 hours or more of unused PTO. Payroll deduction is also a simple way to give as an option. Some suggested giving levels per pay period: $2-$5-$10-$15-$20-$25-$30-$35-$40

Call 440.360.7370 for more information about the Employee Care Fund or email us at