Millennium Fund

The Art of Caring Award, the most prestigious award presented by the Foundation, went to our 20 Millennium Fund participants who provided $3.1 million in philanthropic support, which truly reflects the compassion and generosity they have for our community.

These donors had a profound impact on the community by providing:

  • 1,720,000 Meals for the hungry                                                                
  • 610,000 Nights of shelter for the homeless                                                  
  • 570,000 Instances of medical and mental health care                                        
  • 56,000 Days of education and recreation for the disabled                                    
  • 34,000 Showers and other basic needs for the homeless                                     
  • 365 Days of compassionate care for the dying – for the eighth consecutive year         

The award was presented at the Legacy Society Dinner, attended by the Foundation’s most devoted and generous donors.