Lorraine and Robert Warren, Sr.

Lorraine and Robert Warren

The Foundation’s prestigious Art of Caring Award honoring philanthropic excellence in giving was presented to Lorraine and Robert Warren, Sr. in 2008. Role models of philanthropy, the Warrens have honored the Community West Foundation and Fairview Hospital for many years with their generosity. They have established The Lorraine and Robert Warren Sr. Family Donor Advised Fund, which gives back to many programs and services for cancer and heart patients, and they have created the Spirit of Compassionate Care Fund, which provides financial assistance for nursing students.

Robert Warren has motivated others by example through his volunteer activities. During his 20 years of dedicated service on various boards, he held the office of President of the Fairview/Lutheran Hospital Board, the Fairview Health System Board and Fairview/Lutheran Foundation Board. He is a treasured Life Trustee of the Community West Foundation and Western Region Boards. Lorraine Warren transformed her nursing experience into a career as a respected nursing instructor at Fairview Hospital. Always passionate about sharing her knowledge and clinical experience, Lorraine’s kindness and compassion made her beloved by patients and peers alike.

Robert and Lorraine Warren have demonstrated their love of the community through their philanthropy. They have truly blessed our community with the gift of caring that touches the heart!