The Joan K. Farr Memorial Fund

Joan K. Farr Memorial Fund

The Joan K. Farr Memorial Fund began in 1986 with a generous bequest made to Fairview Hospital by the late Warren and Joan Farr from Westlake. Since then the fund has accumulated one million dollars in principal with additional gifts from family and friends.

Throughout their lives, the Farrs displayed a strong interest in the welfare of babies and volunteered their services to the hospital. Mrs. Farr herself volunteered 8,500 hours, focusing most of those hours to helping to care for newborn babies.

The Farr children, Warren Farr, Jr., Carol Webb and Victor Farr accepted the award on behalf of their parents, and are keeping alive the tradition of giving exemplified by their loving parents. They know that their parents would be proud that the hospital is growing to meet the needs of the community, with the support of their family. The Farrs will be fondly remembered as friends who gave of their time, support, and hearts.